For those of you who love TV but are tired of the rising cable or satellite bill then there are multiple other options which they can go in for to avoid losing out on their favourite shows and movies. Today let us have a look at 4 of the best ways to watch free cable TV channels without any hiccups.

TV antenna:

Just pick the right type of OTA TV antenna and you are all set to watch live sports and also your favourite programs absolutely free of cost. Purchasing the antenna would cost you some money but it is surely worth the lifetime of free TV. You can check out on certain online sites such as, or the FCC site wherein it provides information relating to the channels available in your area and also the location of the local broadcasting tower. It provides information regarding the type of antenna to purchase.  For those who are willing to save money spent on cable TV can surely look out TV antennas as their first option.

Free Video Streaming services:

The internet has a lot of information to offer in terms of video streaming. Once your login online, there is no need to go elsewhere to get a good source of information. You can get access to Amazon Prime Video, Crackle TV and Netflix wherein only by paying a small amount of money you can watch unlimited and unique content. Also there are free trials available for these streaming services that can also be utilised. These streaming services have extensive library of movies and programs so that you do not get tired watching them.


Whenever we think of free entertainment source, the first thing that comes to our mind is Youtube. This free service has evolved a lot in terms of the content and programs offered to the users. It is not only a place wherein you can upload your personalised video but at the same time it allows to watch various movies and TV series absolutely free of cost. There is also an option for users to stream live on Youtube but they are not completely legal.

Online Cable TV:

With the onset of web or internet, there seems to be no brainer in paying monthly hefty charges to the cable TV. When you are already paying monthly internet charges then it would be a good option to save on the cable or satellite bills. There are certain TV networks which are also available online. The mostly focuses on television programs. You can also keep a tab on all of your favourite shows and news. It provides for a complete list of TV shows which you can enjoy. Certain major broadcasting networks such as NBC, ABC, Fox have their own online websites wherein you can catch up on the daily dose of entertainment. While you may not have access to live content but still it is a good deal wherein the programs are offered absolutely free of cost. You also have the option to watch previous seasons of your favourite program until the new episodes are aired.

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