The online streaming services has a lot of tough competition. This has led to the streaming companies to become pickier when it comes to providing quality content to its customers. Basically a viewer is attracted to original and quality content. The basic is anyways provided by the OTA TV antennas. But what makes each streaming services different from each other. Amazon and Netflix are well-known names in the arena of providing online streaming content to its viewers. There is a constant competition among the streaming services to outdo each other. As per a report which we received, Amazon is planning on becoming even more selective when it comes to what they have to offer their viewers on the Amazon Channel.

Currently when you subscribe to the Amazon Prime then you get access to an extensive library of TV shows and movies. It also provides a number of exclusive titles which contain high quality content and also have won awards. For a movie buff, Amazon offers a long list of movies. Also the usage of Amazon app is pretty much simpler. Searching any title has become relatively simple. The Amazon channels would allow its Prime subscriber access for more than 200 streaming services including certain premium and major broadcasting channels. Few of those channels include, CBS All Access, Showtime, Starz, HBO and many others. But going forward Amazon would become choosy when it comes to selecting content to be shown on Amazon Prime Channels. The subscriber also gets access to unlimited Amazon music from the Prime Playlists. There are more than million songs available in the library to choose from. Apart from video and music, you also get a secure access for storing unlimited photos in the Amazon Cloud Drive. There is also a Kindle library for all those avid book readers. You can also have access to third party streaming apps such as HBO or Showtime. Apart from videos, you also get access to play games and view live sports.

Even with so much to offer its viewers, Amazon it now working on a different strategy to stay ahead of the competition and get more subsribers. In a bid to move ahead with this strategy they are rejecting the content which is not up to the mark and rather focussing on something original.

As per the reports, Amazon would be focussing on the Amazon channel service but at the same time they also want to ensure that only unique and original content is shown to the viewers. Hence there is more focus towards high-quality content. Apple and Roku is busy in launching its own channel that is similar to Amazon whereas other competitors such as Sling TV already has similar channel. Hence to stay ahead of the competition, Amazon is making use of the strategy to become pickier when it comes to content. When the subscribers are aware that Amazon provides original and unique content then it would mean an increase in the number of subscriptions. This in turn would yield good profit for the company and a great dose of entertainment for the viewers.