Cord Cutting Is Growing As Americans Over 50 Ditch Cable TV

For years, it was thought that cord cutting was only limited to millennials. But now there have been evidences that people of all age groups are joining in as cord cutters. Pay TV is increasingly becoming costlier thus leading to anger and frustration in the mind of the viewers. Cable or satellite TV offers more than 100 to 200 channels to its viewers. But how many of these do we actually watch. As per a survey, it has been confirmed that on an average the viewer only watches 10 to 15 channels. There are more than 90 percent of the channels which are not even watched by the viewers. But the real question arises as to whether only youngsters are joining the bandwagon of moving from Pay TV to Free TV. Are the elderly or the middle-aged group still sticking to Pay TV due to their inability to switch over to streaming services.

As per a new report from PwC, it has shown that 28percent of the Americans who are above the age of 50 years no longer stick to the traditional Pay TV. There has been a gradual switch over from the Pay TV to Free TV. One of the interesting part is that, around 60 percent of the Americans who are above the age of 50 years are freely streaming content online even when they have the cable TV. Earlier, the streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu and many others were seen only for the young audience. But this is not the case today. Now we have witnessed that even a 50 plus audience can enjoy streaming without much issues.

This is turning out to be a scare for the cable TV since they are losing out on the audience both young and old age group. The online streaming world is turning out to be more user friendly hence a 50 plus individual can also without any issue stream content similar to a 20 plus youngster. Cable TV are now seen to be an unnecessary expenditure since there are multiple other easier and free options made available.

Gradually the number of cord cutters in America would see an upward trend. This means people would switch from the traditional cable TV to much better options such as online streaming and OTA TV antenna. The TV antennas are also gaining popularity due to its versatile nature. They are no longer those boring looking antennas. These are much advanced and provide all of your local channels absolutely free of cost. Hence for any individual irrespective of the age group, the choices of entertainment have widened. They can look out for the option that suits that viewing requirement. Most of them opt for the combination of TV antenna and online streaming services. This in turn reduces the monthly expense that is spent for watching TV. In a way it also promotes mindful watching rather than just scrolling through the endless channels. So if you have not yet joined the list of cord cutters, then do so and enjoy your favourite shows at a reasonable price.