Could Amazon Fire TV be used as a Cable TV Alternative?

With the rising bills of cable and satellite network providers, there has been a rise in cord-cutters. This has led to dawn on many other entertainment sources. One such entertainment option for a cord cutter is the Amazon Fire TV. Having a Fire TV provides for a seamless video viewing option. It is often considered to be a good option for those who are cutting the cord. The Amazon Fire TV is gradually turning out to be one of the top choices for those who are cutting the cord. Amazon has a lot to offer its viewers. But is it really worth buying the Amazon Fire TV.

Currently there are two hottest Amazon streaming option available in the market, the Amazon Fire TV Stick and secondly the Amazon Fire TV Recast. Both of these devices can be connected to the internet wherein it would allow you to watch all of your favourite movies and videos on the TV or any other device. Amazon Fire TV is one of the best option when you cut the cable or the satellite TV. But basically what features should a cable alternative have. The cable TV alternative should allow you to watch videos on demand at lower price, also it should be user friendly wherein you can easily search and navigate through the channels. Another important feature is that, the alternative that you look out for should allow you to record your favourite programs. But does Amazon Fire TV have all of these features to make it the best cable TV alternative.

Amazon is a tough competitor in the arena of streaming app support. It has an extensive library with over a thousand of apps. Hence it allows you to stream any video that you are looking out for. Are you a music fan? There is no need to worry, Amazon has all of it for the music lovers such as Amazon music, Pandora and much more. Their extensive library also has some great movies for the movie buff. For all of the gamers, Amazon Fire TV has something for them as well. With Amazon Fire TV, you can have access to various apps such as books, lifestyle channels, carry out shopping at a click of a button, check data on weather, get details on medical, sports, education and much more. There are so many apps that you would never feel something is amiss.

Amazon Fire TV is one of the best user interface for streaming various similar online services such as Sling, Netflix and many more. How can we forget the voice controlled Alexa that makes life easier when we do not have a remote nearby? Alexa would allow for searching any content on the Fire TV. So whether it is searching for any movie, data regarding any actor or music, just by clicking the microphone button on the remote you can speak and get the work done by Alexa. But the only issue is that this voice control would not work for third party apps such as Hulu, Sling or Netflix.